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Ronaldo Named World’s Highest-Paid Athlete

American business magazine, Forbes, has named Cristiano Ronaldo as the highest-paid athlete in the world.

The Real Madrid forward, becomes the first footballer to ever top the list of the world’s highest-earning athletes.

Ronaldo earned $88m in the last 12 months, $6.6m more than Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, who is second.

Endorsements make up £32m of the Portugal captain’s earnings and this is the first year since 2000, that someone other than Tiger Woods or Floyd Mayweather is first on the list.

Serena Williams ($28.9m) at No 40, and Maria Sharapova ($21.9) at No 88 are the only two women who make the list.

Forbes’ figures include all salaries and bonuses earned between June 1 2015 and June 1 2016.