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PMB Tasks team Nigeria, Don’t Go Below Second Place

Nigerian Olympic Committee (NOC) President Abu Gummel is optimistic that Team Nigeria will come good at the All Africa Games as President Buhari is sending off the team with a wish list: “Do not go below second place!” The NOC President revealed this at the unveiling of Team Nigeria kits for the Games and stated that he is hopeful it will be a splendid Championship for Nigeria as preparations are in order and prompt.

Gummel was visibly happy that the team’s kits by Peak from China particularly which was always a challenge is not an issue this time. He said: “My happiness is that the National Sports Commission (NSC) provided the kitting even before the departure for the Games. Because sometimes it is when you are at the venue that you get your kits. This time around you are carrying them with you. So, let me first and foremost congratulate the Director General and his team for a job well done. It is an excellent job. Which means we are moving like an aircraft. Action! Action!! Action!!! And all we need from you athletes is to retaliate. When you are in Congo it is action! Action!! Action!!!”

Gummel then informed the contigent of the Presidential order and wish list of  President Buhari for the Team:

“The President has  given a marching order that Nigeria must have the first or second position at the All African Games. The last time I was here, I was even saying we should try and maintain our usual position, third. But now it is no more. It is first or second. So, please let us go there and make this country proud. With the action that the DG put in front of him and with the way he is moving, we should give him all the necessary support. We should follow him. We should give him all the support. Because his success is our success.”

He reveals the secret he thinks will propel the Team to victory at the Games: “Jointly we have to work together. Jointly we have to go to Congo and go and make ourselves happy, make ourselves proud. So that we are proud that we are Nigerians. So that by the time we are coming back many people will be at the airport to receive us. So, please let us do our best and make the President of this country happy. And let us fulfil that march order he gave to us that we are able to achieve it. I believe by the grace of God we can achieve it.”

 He equally praised the National Sports Commission for a job well done: “I am happy to see these kits, arriving at the right time, cleared, ready for presentation and they are excellent and the quality is good. By the time we are there now, I am sure many others wil start to envy you when you start wearing it. It is an excellent job that the National Sports Commission has ddone. So, National Sports Commission well done. And I want to wish us goodluck and success at the All African Games.”