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Platini Can Lead FIFA Change – Fernandez

Former France international Luis Fernandez has backed Michel Platini to change Fifa’s ways if he becomes president of the governing body.

Platini, 60, has announced he will stand to replace Sepp Blatter, who is stepping down, in February’s election.

And Fernandez, who was a team-mate of Platini’s with the national team in the early 1980s, believes he can lead a thorough reform of Fifa.

“If he becomes president of Fifa, I’m 100 per cent sure he’s got something in his mind,” Fernandez told Omnisport.

“I know him and if he got this position, he’ll want to make progress, he’ll want to move forward, he’ll want to find solutions.

“He’s like that, he’s someone who thinks that football needs to be more exposed, more open, so that everyone is able to play football, and join competitions.

“His project will be that in every country, the main project is football, the game, and that all the scheming stops. It’s something that probably irritated him when he learned about it.

“Some say he supported it, but he supported it during a short time, but then he realised he had to stop because he’s not someone like that. He wants to improve football.”