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PDP To Produce Senate President If Saraki Is Removed – Nwaboshi

Unless the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) rallies round the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, and save him from being removed from office, the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) may produce his replacement, Senator Peter Nwaboshi has said.

Nwaboshi, who currently represents Delta North Senatorial District at the National Assembly made this remark yesterday while appraising the travail of the senate president and how he is being abandoned by the party.

The lawmaker expressed optimism that Saraki has a good case in his ongoing travail before the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) but he noted that if the APC allows him to be removed from office, the PDP will produce the next Senate President.

Speaking against the background that some lawmakers loyal to Saraki have been meeting on the auspices of Like Minds to rally round Saraki in case the unexpected happens, he stated that “I wish APC the best of luck if they are making that wild goose chase.”

He added that “But I want you to mark what I’m saying; If, but God forbid, because we don’t see it coming, by chance Saraki is removed; I can tell you that PDP will produce the next Senate President.”                                                                               While being reminded that the feat would be difficult for the PDP to achieve in view of its minority position in the Senate, the politician who is also a former PDP chairman in Delta State explained that “We only need three and we have it. The calculation is very clear to me. The calculation is very clear for PDP. We know what it will take us”.

“When I told them that Saraki was going to win, I did a lot of mathematical calculations based on the facts on the ground and it is even clearer to me now that the PDP will win it. We will win it. If anybody is thinking that a PDP man is going to vote against a PDP candidate, he is telling you a lie.”

“We have people and we know how to get the people from APC. We will win and that will be very interesting. What is happening in America is going to happen in Nigeria. America has a Republican Senate but the executive is led by Democrats”.