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NGO Rejects Appeal Court Decision On Benue Gov Polls

A Non-Governmental Organization, New Benue Rebirth Initiative has reacted to the appeal court decision upholding the election of Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State as another manipulation of the judicial processes in the country where the highest bidder goes home with predetermined declarations that are not in tandem with the spirit of the law.

Princess Augustina Onyilo, National Secretary of the group speaking to pressmen in reaction to the judgement that was read by Honourable Justice, Muhammadu Garuba on behalf of the five man panel, said the judiciary has once again failed to play its sacred role in a democracy, as well thought out by the constitution to be man’s saving grace in the face of irregularities, manipulation and wickedness.

While calling on the people of Benue State to remain law abiding citizens and positive that the Supreme Court will address the injustice, She queried that democracy cannot exist without the rule of law and a strong judiciary that is devoid of external influences and temptations. “The negative consequences of this judgement today far outweigh our successes in the last 16 years, as a sovereign state and as a people and therefore the need to challenge the decision at the Supreme Court must be exhausted in order to put smiles on the faces of the common masses of Benue State who have had to endure the negative effect of a stolen mandate for too long a time.”

” Nigerians and the rest of the world have seen and heard how our single constitution in the country could be interpreted in ways and manner that it suits the interest of very powerful persons in the society.” Speaking further, she said the gaps in the judgement will be addressed at the Supreme Court and therefore called on the People’s Democratic Party candidate, Prince Tarhemen Tarzor to without any hesitation approach the Supreme Court to claim the popular mandate that was given to him by the people of Benue State.

” We stand bold in the face of this conspiracy to call on Prince Tarhemen Tarzoor to as a matter of patriotism proceed to the apex court in the land to make sure that the people’s mandate which was snatched from him is restored back to the people, the judgement according to her will not stand the acid test of Justice under our law and this move will surely deepen the strength of our laws above the dictates of godfathers,” she added.