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IBB Commends PMB’s Efforts On Boko Haram, Economy, Corruption

Former Head of State, Ibrahim Babangida has commended the Federal Government’s renewed efforts to curb the activities of insurgency across the country.

He gave the commendation in Minna on Sunday while addressing newsmen in commemoration of his 74th birthday.

“The renewed effort and the fight against insurgency by the Federal Government are commendable; the insurgents have to be fought.

“I am sure the government is resolute in trying to bring insurgency to an end and as such, we should support what ‎the current administration is doing to achieve that objective.

“We are not fighting a conventional war and that makes it extremely difficult; the insurgents blow up bridges and barracks, among other public places,’’ he observed.

He lauded the decision of President Muhammadu Buhari to dialogue with only credible leaders of Boko Haram‎.

“I don’t think the government will want to talk to people who are not worth talking to as far as this issue is concerned‎.

“So, the government is right to be careful in identifying the credible leaders and talk if there’s anything to talk about‎,’’ he said.

Babangida also commended the current leadership for identifying insecurity, corruption and dwindling economy as challenges of the country.

“I am confident they have identified the key problems and they look resolute in confronting these challenges head on.

“There are lot of people who are giving the government sound advice on what to do in various ways; the government is well informed about happenings,’’ he said.