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I Warned Nigerians About Buhari, He Has No Direction – PDP Chieftain, Kaze

A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and a former member of the House of Representatives. Hon. Bitrus Kaze has stated that he warned Nigerians against voting for Muhammadu Buhari in 2015.

The ex-lawmaker said Buhari had succeeded in taking Nigeria back to zero level and that it would only take time for the country to recover.

Speaking with newsmen, Kaze said anyone advising Buhari to run for second term was only being deceptive as the president was unfit to govern the country beyond 2019.

He said, “Before I left the National Assembly, I warned our successors, that they will be dealing with somebody who finds legislative institution strange, which he has never agreed to deal with, and with due respect, I think I am being vindicated.

“The President does not seems to agree or believe in anybody, the President does not understand the difficulty his policies, if any have put Nigerians into, even though up to this moment, I do not understand the policy direction of his administration. It was only late last year that he put an economy team in place.

“He did not know the direction the government is going and as a former member of the House of Representatives, Buhari does not have clear policies in place. International investors are left at a lost and that has led to closure of companies, which resulted to loss of jobs; I am not sure this is the change Nigerians expected.”

Asked if Buhari is fit to run for second term, the PDP stalwart said, “Count me out, I have been consulted by prominent personalities who are in that group and I told them that my personal understanding of President Muhammadu Buhari, is that he does not appeal to me as a person who take the interest of Plateau state at heart, I have never seen that, even when he won election on the Plateau during the 2015 Presidential election.

“For Goodluck Jonathan to get 500, 000 votes and President Buhari getting 400, 000 where Jonathan got 1 million votes in 2011 and Buhari had less than 200, 000 votes, to me Buhari won, for the fact that the President got substantial votes, he has not demonstrated to me that he appreciates the ideals of a Plateau man.

“Plateau is my home and anybody who will not take the interest of Plateau at heart, I am not likely to support that person. If President Buhari is going to contest for 2019, that is his business, but please count me out.”