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Federal Government To Tackle Violent Extremism – Osinbajo

The Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo said on Monday that the Federal Government would take measures to tackle all forms of violent extremism and promote economic development.

He said this at a special dialogue session on democracy, human rights and countering violent extremism in Abuja.

The UN Secretary General, Mr Ban Ki-moon was the special guest at the forum.

The dialogue formed part of activities lined up for the two-day visit of the UN chief.

Osinbajo said: “Government must intervene directly in some cases in providing job opportunities and also offer an alternative narrative to the one of extremism and violence.

“All positions, no matter how exposed, ride upon some modicum of truth though often perverted which the poor and the rejected may well find convincing.

“Government must seek progressive allies to ensure the radical strain does not grow and predominate.

“We must acknowledge, expose and provide convincing reasons and in a language understandable by the target audience as false or misleading.’’

Osinbajo said that government needed to be held accountable to promote sustainable development.

He said that there was need to introduce a “bottom-up social and economic planning” to strengthen democracy and build a transparent and inclusive society.

He gave assurance of Nigeria’s support to the provisions of the sustainable development goals and the country’s commitment to support smaller countries in line with the Addis Ababa Action Agenda.

Ban Ki-moon called on Nigeria and the international community to address challenges relating to climate change in order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The UN chief urged all member states to renew their commitments to ensuring the protection of the earth’s natural resources.

He urged Nigeria to be an example for other African countries by putting in place the necessary resources to support climate change and facilitate the implementation of the SDGs.

“Climate change has become a big priority now; without addressing climate change, sustainable development goals will be seriously hampered and destroyed.

“Therefore I am asking all of you to do more whether you are in government, business or civil society; it is not only the work of the government.

“Those are two top priorities that we must make sure are done by the end of this year, that is why I am here.

“Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and should lead by example. We have to have financial and technological resources, Nigeria has the capacity.

“All member states and even non-member states have to be on board on the sustainable path which the United Nations is promoting,” he said.

Ki-moon called on member states to support smaller member nations that did not have sufficient resources to implement climate change and the SDGs.

He commended the African Union Action Agenda on financing for development initiated in Addis Ababa in July and urged the body to put in place a framework to promote the implementation of the development goals.

“The Addis Ababa Action Agenda is a very ambitious, robust financial and technological support mechanism.

“They should provide a foundation and framework based on which we can move ahead with the implementation of sustainable development and climate change,” he said.

Ki-moon also reiterated the need for inclusive governance and respect for human rights to tackle violent extremism and promote peace and security globally.

“No country can tackle this kind of a threat alone, no matter how powerful or resourceful the country may be; we have a purpose of unity.

“As the Secretary General of the United Nations, I am appealing with you to work with your governments and people and work together to make this world better for all,” he said.