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Buhari Must Overhaul His Cabinet – Bishop‎ Akobe

The Anglican Bishop of Kabba Diocese in Kogi State, Rt. Rev. Steven Kayode Akobe, has said President Muhammadu Buhari must overhaul his cabinet to get Nigeria out of recession.

He also said that driving the economy into recovery and growth should top the President’s agenda this year as Nigerians are dying of hunger.

The cleric gave the advice during the 8th Synod of the diocese at the St Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral, Kabba, with the title; “God is Looking for Disciples, Are You One?”

The Bishop said the period of shifting blames for the myriad of problems facing the country was over as it had become a tired political argument.

He said the patience of Nigerians were growing thin each day.

He said: “We advise that the President should overhaul his cabinet, he needs people who know how to build support in different sectors.

“Some of the appointees in the present cabinet have become spent forces who are no longer useful to what we require that will bring the positive change. Buhari should ask himself what does Nigeria wants, not what he wants for Nigeria.

“I think 2017 is the year Buhari must define his Presidency and how prepared he is to lead a diverse nation like ours. Nigerians are tired on living in denials this year will prove whether the APC at the centre is truly ready to govern.

“Nigerians lived through 2016 dangerously, they barely survived, hope faded in Nigeria great recession swallowed everything we got.

“With recession came the collapse of our standard of living. Inflation galloped to unprecedented rate of 18.4 percent, the worst in over three decades.

“Prices of essential food items went wild naira took the gravest beating depreciating to almost 500 to a dollar.

“Getting Nigeria out of recession and driving the economy and growth must top government priority this year. Everything that is necessary must be put in place to stimulate to bolster the economy. The economy remains Buhari’s Achilles heels.

“Nobody is saying Buhari will solve all Nigeria’s problems, but when the people elected a president over other available alternatives, it should be seen as duty to perform, not a prize won.”