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Buhari May End Up Like Jonathan, Says Oby Ezekwesili

Bring Back Our Girls, BBOG, convener, Oby Ezekwesili, on Tuesday expressed disappointment over the activities of the police that are frustrating the BBOG campaign, adding that President Muhammadu Buhari is going down the wrong lane.

The former minister noted that the BBOG has a right to protest as stipulated in the 1999 constitution and that the police should not in any way halt the group’s peaceful activities.

Ezekwesili warned that if the government and the police do not retrace their step, they could end up like the former administration of ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan, who was voted out of office for failing to rescue the abducted Chibok girls among other things.

The BBOG postponed its Friday march to allow Muslim members of the group observe the Jama’at prayer service, they resumed on Tuesday, but were blocked by the police and some supporters of President Buhari.

Ezekwesili expressed her disappointment via her Twitter handle, @obyezeks.

She wrote, “I remember when WE @BBOG_Nigeria would COUNSEL AIG MBU about his excesses against CITIZENS’ RIGHT. A word is ENOUGH FOR THE WISE @PoliceNG.

“President @MBuhari Our March today is a TEST. Is the heavy @PoliceNG deployed to the Unity Fountain out to RESTRICT @BBOG Nigeria MARCH?

“Pres @MBuhari WE ARE IN A DEMOCRACY. The 1999 Constitution & the Court of the LAND UPHOLD @BBOG_Nigeria’s RIGHT TO OUR MARCH. @PoliceNG.”

However, it was gathered that President Buhari was not in the Villa as he is currently in Edo State to honour the APC mega rally for the next Month’s governorship election.