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APC Pushing For Appointment Of Youths Into Govt – Spokesman

The All Progressives Congress (APC) says it will do everything within its power to ensure President Muhammadu Buhari appointments youths into his government.

The acting national publicity secretary of APC, Timi Frank, spoke yesterday in response to call by the publisher of Oracle Magazine, Blessing Agbomhere that the President has a responsibility to appoint impeccable youths into his government.

Agbomhere had during the National Oracle Award ceremony in Abuja condemned President Buhari’s inability to appoint young persons into his cabinet even when he received over 60 per cent of his votes from them.

But the APC spokesman, said “As one of the national officers of APC, I think this is one strong massage that some of us will take back to the party.”

“I still believe that the government of today will still correct maybe the wrongs in the previous appointments they’ve done.”

Mr Frank urged all Nigerians especially the youths to be patient with the President, saying more appointments are coming.

He said “This is an assurance and I can tell you clearly because this is something we are going to push for. I’m a young man and by the grace of God, I’m one of the young leaders of the party. It is our responsibility to make sure that the party gets it right.”

“We must direct the President to make sure that young people are taken along and if don’t , that means we’ve gotten it wrong. But I know our own government will do better in terms of taking the youths along than the past government. I can assure that President Buhari will do whatever that is necessary for the Nigerian youths,” he told newsmen.

Earlier, Agbomhere had said the most important work the President has to do is to ensure corruption is reduced to the barest minimum and proper management adding that Nigerians “will not tolerate this government complaining to us because complaints have a way of distracting even the person that is complaining.”

He said “People aspire to public office only to play he blame/complain card. The reason for government is to solve problems, so when those elected begin to complain and cannot provide solutions, it means they have failed and should resign. Our public office holders should how to resign when they cannot deliver on their promises.”

“Our biggest challenge is for the President to begin engaging young people in governance. Young people must be engaged in positions of authority and begin to be made ambassadors, permanent secretaries and governors in this country.”

“Any organ of government without young people is treading on a faulty path. You need young people to buy your dreams, live with them and outlive them and pass it to the generations yet unborn. This sound African tradition.”