Anti-graft War Won’t Affect APC’s Chances In 2019, Says Moghalu | WakaWaka Reporters

Anti-graft War Won’t Affect APC’s Chances In 2019, Says Moghalu

An All Progressives Congress (APC) executive member has dismissed insinuations making the  rounds  that the ongoing war against corruption waged by the  present administration may affect its fortunes in future elections.

National Auditor of APC, Chief George Moghalu, told newsmen in an interview in  Abuja that the party will not spend the whole of four years in fighting corruption.

He noted that as corruption is being fought, other aspects of governance were also being  addressed.

“I want to disagree with such insinuations. We are not going to use the  four years in fighting corruption. As you know corruption is being fought  and it  is fighting back, in the same vein, other aspects of governance is being addressed.

‘‘Governance has not stopped in every sector because Mr. President and his government  are confronting corruption frontally.

“Governance is running side by side with the fight against corruption. Infrastructure is being addressed, issues of the power sector are being addressed,  agriculture, science and technology are being addressed as they go along while at  the same time fighting corruption frontally because it is one of the cardinal  promises made by the government during the campaign. The government is on course.”