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Aggrieved Bauchi APC Members Ask Assembly To Impeach Governor Abubakar

Describing Bauchi state administration as “catastrophic and disastrous to the positive survival of the state,” a cross section of APC members in the state, have called on the State House of Assembly to start impeachment process against the state Governor, Muhammed Abubakar.

According to them, for Bauchi to progress, the current government must sit up or be shown the way out.

A statement made available to newsmen on Wednesday and signed by Habila Zacheus on behalf of other aggrieved party members, alleged that almost 365 days in power, Abubakar has no tangible achievement to justify the people’s mandate, other than insulting the intelligence of the people through rude propaganda on local media outfits.

The release stated that instead of paying adequate attention to improve the living condition of the people, Abubakar pays more attention to settling and creating imaginary scores with perceived opponents and whistle blowers as a clever way to cover deficiencies of maladministration.

The statement reads further: “Bauchi state is a victim of serious underdevelopment from a clueless governor that has neither focus nor direction in his style.

“People are forced to source water from wells and private boreholes as the government has failed to supply diesel to fuel generators that pump water for supply but N17million is paid monthly to an ill-equipped refuse collection firm for poor job while the state government-owned agency, BASEPA can perform better job at half of that amount.

“The governor has developed interest in weekly globetrotting to squander scarce resources under the guise of pursuing foreign investors and other unsubstantiated claims and maintains a large convoy of aides and overzealous security personnel that add no value to the progress of the state in his style of proving to the ignorant that he is in-charge.

“A governor without a ray of achievements deserves no respect and trust from the people. All we hear from the government side are lies from parochial liars and empty promises packaged and disseminated to confuse not to convince the people.

“We are tired of this style of administration. The State House of Assembly should be wake-up to its responsibilities or remain as alleged beggars and sycophants until the state is grounded to halt,” he stated.