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Fan To Ini Edo: Trace Your Steps, Menopause Is Now 40

It is no longer news that Nollywood actress, Ini Edo, has been getting along with her life since her failed marriage but some people have been keeping a close tab on her activities and are not ready to spare her when she goes wrong.

Especially on her social media pages, fans have continually bounced on her mostly about her makeup and sometimes when she gets it wrong in her dressing yet she is not moved by how she is being tongue lashed.

The actress recently was stroked on the wrong spot after she had felt cool sharing a picture where she was relaxed in a lounge before a fan pointed advised her to go get a life as she was gradually aging.

“Lounge owner! Only irresponsible female run such business. Go trace your steps or you will continue failing in all marriages you get into. Menopause is now 40, just saying,” the fan explained.

Ini Edo, who could not withhold her anger replied saying, “one can’t help but feel sorry for you. Until your opinion can pay bills, stuff it. Sad woman.”