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These Food Will Improve Your Sperm Count, Quality

One common issue about the difficulty in producing babies amongst married couples is the low sperm count and sperm quality. If you doubt this information please schedule a meeting with a Medical laboratory scientist who has records on those who come for testing. The statistics will shock you. Based on our tradition and cultural values, women have been erroneously labelled as the reason behind lack of babies in many home and as such called barren while in truth sometimes it is the hefty looking man with a low quality sperm that needs to be checked.

It is in record that low sperm count affects approximately one in 25 men. Stress, obesity, hormonal conditions and poor nutrition have been found to impact sperm health. If you and your partner are planning for a baby, a nutritional overhaul is a good place to start, to support healthy sperm production and development – although other approaches exist.
Two things are important in sperm quality; First is sperm motility which is the ability of the sperm to move in the female reproductive organ or through water to reach the egg and second is sperm morphology which is also called teratozoospermia. It describes what the shape and size of sperm should be for proper fertilization. The foods listed below have been found to be effective in proper motility and morphology of sperm


The popular Asian Ginseng plant has been used by the Chinese in the cure of many ailments. No wonder it is making this list. It is a powerful herb known for its extraordinary effects on improving virility in men. It increases sex drive and also enhances your sexual performance.

It has been found to be quite effective in men with erectile dysfunctions, increasing semen volume and sperm production.


As a lover of garlic, the all round health effect is laudable. It is a very effective condiment that has been used for many years in the treatment various physical ailments including heart problems and respiratory infections. What most people don’t know is that it is also a potent aphrodisiac and very effective in boosting sperm volume.
It contains a compound called allicin which improves blood flow to the male sexual organs, increasing sperm production and semen volume. Garlic also contains Vitamin B6 and selenium which controls the secretion of sex hormones and reduces sperm damage.

Fatty Fish

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition found that men eating a higher amount of oily fish experience a boost in their sperm count by a massive 65% and the interesting part is that getting result is almost immediate because when you eat a fatty fish containing about 10% fat, you can get the boost by the night of that same day. Amazing? Yeah, I thought so too.
The best fish for fats that contain the DHA and omega-3s include salmon, swordfish, tuna and sardines. This post was updated to include these sources of sperm boosters because some of them are common here, easy to get and also inexpensive.