Yusuf’s Reinstatement, A Shame To Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War – ASCSN | WakaWaka Reporters

Yusuf’s Reinstatement, A Shame To Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War – ASCSN

The Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria has said the reinstatement of the Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme, Prof. Usman Yusuf by President Muhammadu Buhari, is another dent on the anti-corruption war.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, ASCSN Secretary-General, Alade Lawal, said the action of the President shows that the government’s anti-graft was selective.

The statement reads, “This is one intervention too many and as such Mr. President should allow Yusuf to retire from service to have time to run his personal business. How can a government official being investigated for a whopping sum of N919m fraud by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission be reinstated by the government that came to power promising to sanitise the system? This is very unfortunate.

“We, therefore, urge President Buhari to rescind his action and allow Prof. Yusuf to leave the system in peace.

“Thus, if Prof. Yusuf resumes as the Executive Secretary of NHIS, it will amount to passing a vote of no confidence on the minister.

“What type of a government are we claiming to be running that anyone who is close to the President will become lawless, will not obey public service rules, nor report to the supervisory minister and running a government agency as his personal estate because he is close to the powers-that-be? This is the type of action that continues to give the likes of the United States President, Donald Trump, the effrontery to be deriding Africa and its leaders.

“The Investigative Panel set up by the Minister of Health to look into the alleged atrocities of Prof. Yusuf, including engagement of a consultancy firm in which he had vested interest to be ripping off the NHIS is a serious public demeanour that should not be condoned.

“It is also on record that Prof. Yusuf had recruited persons from his primordial constituency who are on Grade Level 10 in the State Public Service and imposed them on the staff of the NHIS by placing them on Grade Level 15 and above.

“As of the time of going to the press, the workers in the NHIS have become restive thereby setting the tone for a series of trade union actions that will be deployed if Yusuf is eventually reinstated.”