Soldiers Arrest 7 Boko Haram Bombers, Recover Massive IEDs In Kaduna | WakaWaka Reporters

Soldiers Arrest 7 Boko Haram Bombers, Recover Massive IEDs In Kaduna

Soldiers of the Nigeria Army, on Sunday, arrested seven Boko Haram bomb specialists in Kaduna, while plotting to attack the state with several improvised explosives devices (IEDs), Army officials said.

Officials said given the massive nature of the bombs recovered from the arrested bombers, Kaduna state should count itself lucky that a major catastrophe that may have affected lives of innocent persons have been averted.

Spokesman of the Nigeria Army, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, said the suspects were nabbed after a long period of investigation and intelligence sharing.

“Another catastrophe was averted in Kaduna State and other contiguous areas when troops of the Nigerian Army arrested 7 suspected Boko Haram terrorists bomb and Improvised Explosive making Devices (IEDs) specialists.

“The terrorists were arrested in Kaduna after painstaking surveillance and proactive intelligence operations over period of time.

“From all indications, the suspects were in Kaduna to conduct suicide bombings, kill and maimed innocent citizens in the state and other surrounding areas during the festive period. Recall that recently in Maiduguri some of them were arrested while trying to detonate IEDs carried in food containers in public places.

“The arrest of these suspects would no doubt assist in the fight against terrorism in the country, more so as the military have technically defeated the Boko Haram terrorists in the field, the terrorists have resorted to attacking soft targets through suicide bombings, IEDs and harassing attacks on isolated communities”, said Colonel Usman.