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Shehu Sani

Salary Cut Of Political Office Holders Inconsequential – Shehu Sani

The senator representing Kaduna central senatorial district at the National Assembly, Senator Shehu Sani, has declared that reduction of salaries of political office holders from both the executive and legislative arms of the state is inconsequential.

He said, the reduction is only meant to attract applause from the gullible public and lacks economic value.

Senator Sani in a statement made available to newsmen in Kaduna, yesterday argued that reduction of the salaries of political office holders have no serious economic value as long as the system that perpetuates class differences and sustains plunder remains in place.

According to him, “Real change can only begin by fumigating the political and economic space and suffocating the rent seeking economic parasites and leeches; ending patrimony and cronyism and crashing the inimical and self serving expectations of   campaign donors and other political investors.”

He said, eradicating corruption cannot be limited to setting good example or superficial institutional reforms or punishing offenders, but must extend to fundamental systemic change and philosophical shift that will dislodge the very exploitative socio-economic system which protects the interest of the oppressor class and conserve and insures their class privileges.

Senator Sani posited that the limitation of the prevailing war against corruption is the caveat it contains in terms of preserving the neo-capitalist system, adding that “Nigerians deserve to know who among their leaders have skeletons or skulls or fragments of bones in their cupboard.”