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Reasons Why Osinbajo Visited Buhari In London

Current news as the Nigeria Acting President Yemi Osinbajo took a tour the United Kingdom to see the ailing President for an undisclosed reason.

This is the first time the Acting President will be leaving the country to check on the president abroad.

No doubt, Nigerians are keen on knowing the probable reasons the Acting President took a very urgent and brief journey to London.

Correspondence gathered some keys reasons that necessitated Osinbajo’s travels at this time.

Here they are:

Due time: Since President Buhari began his start and stop treatments in London, Acting President has not deemed it fit to physically check on his principal as he is only acting in the stead of the 74-year old man. It’s just time for Osinbajo to know for sure the health status of the President having spent 113 days out of 196 days abroad.

Clash between the Presidency and Senate: In the last plenary session of the House of Assembly, the Senate rejected the confirmation of Presidency’s nominee and asked the Acting President to properly acknowledge the powers of the legislative arm of government.

Ever since, the Acting President has not reacted to this but it is definitely the first blow against him from the Senate in office as the Acting President Osinbajo will definitely have this to tell the President.

Updates on duties and actions: Acting President Osinbajo has always been loyal to his Boss in office. More often, he gives the updates of happenings in government to the President via phone calls. He is doing same this time,only in a new style.

To Check On His Health: If not for any reason, the VP’s trip to the UK is to check on the health of the president – different from feelers’ reports, phone calls.

To Report Cabal: One of the reasons why Osinbajo may have visited Buhari may be to report the cabal – whose schemes were dominant in president Buhari’s absence.