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Police Warn Kogi Workers Against Blocking Roads

The police on Tuesday warned Kogi striking workers to avoid blocking roads as a way of pressing their demands with the state government.

A statement by the Force Public Relations Officer, Olabisi Kolawole, said police recognized the workers’ rights to stage lawful protests but said extending the protests beyond the purview of the law was illegal.

“Information available to the Nigeria Police indicates that workers’ leaders in Kogi State are planning to block highways leading in and out of Kogi to advance their labour disputes with state government.

“While the Police recognize and respect the constitutional rights of labour force in Kogi, to peaceful assembly and lawful protest in furtherance to their dispute with their employers, the Nigeria Police wish to state categorically that extending their protest to blocking highways/roads in the state, in a manner that will cause major traffic and security threats, is not only overreaching the extension of their grievances but also intolerable.

“As such, the Nigeria Police hereby warns striking workers in Kogi State to desist from hatching such inciting and provoking plans and restrict themselves to due legal and labour procedures that will not in anyway, cause discomfort to innocent citizens,” the police spokesperson said.

The police therefore expressive resolve to deal with the workers who failed to adhere to the directive.

“Failure to adhere strictly to this warning, the force will mobilize maximally to deal decisively with anyone or group trying to threaten the security or public peace under any guise of protest, and will not hesitate to bring such persons or group to justice,” Ms. Kolawole, an acting Assistant Commissioner of Police, said.