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PMB Orders All MDAs To Join IPIS

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered all government agencies, including the military and the universities to join the Integrated Personnel and Payroll Information Systems (IPPIS).

According to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo who gave the hint yesterday, IPIS will help in curtailing some of the abuses in the salaries and emoluments’ processes of the government.

Osinbajo stated this at a meeting with permanent secretaries and director-generals for a one-day sensitization session on the 2016 budget and 2016-2020 Medium Term Plan of the federal government.

“We need to cut overheads too, we can’t spend as we used to spend. We need to block leakages, increase accountability and transparency. This is an absolute necessity, the level of corruption is an outrage and we have to deal with it”, he noted.

The Vice President observed that in order to achieve the socio-economic goals of the Buhari administration, amidst dwindling oil revenues on the one hand, and the vast number of Nigerians who live in poverty, on the other, there was a need to change the way budgeting is done.

He added that the country’s greatest challenge “is controlling ballooning recurrent expenditure and freeing up resources for growth-related capital expenditure”.

He said government will do something about poverty, emphasizing that it will be “something more direct.

different from how we have done it in the past”, hence budgeting has to be done differently.”

He explained that budget planning under the Buhari administration would restore the long term, policy-based, approach to budgeting alongside a Zero-Based Budgeting which questions all expenses ensuring greater transparency.