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Niger Delta Indigenes Write PMB Over Deposits In Foreign Institutions

Prominent indigenes of the nine states of the Niger Delta have written to President Muhammadu Buhari over the alleged attempts by the Amnesty Committee to waste millions of dollars deposited with foreign institutions of learning for the training of ex-militants from the region due to multiple breach of contracts.

According to the elders, though the huge deposits were made to various institutions of learning between 2013 and 2014 by the Amnesty Committee with various degree of agreement on the deployment of the ex-militant youths for various training programmes, the huge deposits made by the Amnesty Committee on behalf of the federal government is being threatened by the decision of the foreign institutions of learning to cancel the underwater water and marine training programmes for over 50 ex-militant youths over alleged multiple breech of agreement and non-payment of required fees.

It was gathered that concerned parents and kinsmen of the affected ex-militant youths have started mobilising along the creeks and waterways of the region with a threat to storm the Abuja office of the Amnesty Implementation Committee and protest the alleged continued delay by the chairman, Brig. Gen. Paul Boro (rtd) to commence payment of such fees and stop the cancellation order for the training of their youths.

While one of the institutions, the CDA Technical Institute of the West Indies, through the founder, Capt. Ray Black, sent a warning letter to the amnesty coordinator, Brig. Gen. Paul Boroh, on the decision to cancel the proposed underwater welding training to over 50 ex-militant youths after a non-refundable deposit of of $473,814.00 (N100 million) due to breech of contract.