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Mixed Reaction Greets Diezani’s Request: Pray For I Have Cancer

Diezani’s request elicited mixed reactions from some Nigerians. While some said they would not pray, others said they would pray for the speedy recovery of the former minister to enable her face her graft trial.

We will pray for her and all Nigerians – Ikokwu

Second Republic Politician, Chief Guy Ikokwu, who has always called for the restructuring of the country and adoption of the parliamentary system of government to check corruption, urged Nigerians to pray for the former oil minister.

‘’We will pray for her and all other Nigerians,  both those who are ill and well so that God bestows His mercy on all for the right things to be done in the nation. Nigeria needs God’s mercy. God knows those who are guilty and those who are not guilty,’’ he said.

We will pray she recovers and asks for God’s forgiveness – Sarah Jubril

Former Presidential Candidate, Mrs Sarah Jubril said apart from quick recovery it is also good for Diezani to ask for God’s forgiveness if she is guilty of the graft allegations.

Her words: ‘’Thank God she believes Nigerians have a forgiving heart. We will pray she recovers and ask God for forgiveness if the allegations against her are true. Thank God she is alive. I wish her quick recovery. It is good she has the humility to ask Nigerians for their prayers. We hope to see her in good health soon.’’

She doesn’t deserve our prayers – Gbagi

However, former Minister of State for Education, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, disagreed and urged Nigerians not to pray for her. ‘’How can we pray for her when she put Nigeria into bankruptcy? Let her go and ask forgiveness from God.