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Mecca Stampede

Mecca Tragedy: Nigeria’s Death Toll Rises To 168 – NAHCON

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) on Tuesday said the number of Nigerian pilgrims killed during the September 24 stampede in Mina, Saudi Arabia, had risen to 168.

More than 769 pilgrims from across the world were confirmed dead and 1,000 injured during the stampede on one of the roads leading to the Jamarat Complex (stone throwing site) in Mina.

Speaking to newsmen on the incident in Mecca, Uba Mana, the director, Public Affairs of the commission, said the number of Nigerians who died went up following on-going analysis on the corpses by the Saudi government.

He said that the number of pilgrims earlier declared missing had reduced from 165 to 144 due to the discovery of additional bodies.

He added that seven out of the 42 pilgrims injured during the stampede are still on admission in Saudi hospitals.

On the on-going airlift of pilgrims back to Nigeria, Mana said 47,128 pilgrims were transported back to their respective states in 123 flights.