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MASSOB Opposes The Current Demand For Restructuring

The Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MAS­SOB) has restated its op­position to the current clamour to restructure Nigeria, saying that Ni­geria’s faulty foundation as structured by Britain in favour of the North has made restructuring impossible.

MASSOB in a press statement issued yester­day by its National Secre­tary, Comrade Ugwuoke Ibem Ugwuoke, said the British deliberately struc­tured Nigeria in such a way that the North would continue to have military and political dominance over other regions which spear-headed the inde­pendence struggle.

According to MAS­SOB, the current clamour for restructuring will amount to efforts in fu­tility because the North which is the beneficiary of the present lopsided structure will continue to resist any attempt to cor­rect the imbalance.

It, however, noted that the North’s opposition to restructuring and true federalism is a blessing in disguise because it had awaken the conscious­ness of the undecided Igbo political elite and their Yoruba counter­parts to join the agitation for Biafra and Oduduwa republics, respectively.

The statement reads in part: “Our leader, Com­rade Uchenna Madu, has consistently said that we are not interested in restructuring of Nigeria because the foundation and intention of establishing Nigeria as a state do not favor restructur­ing.

“The British sponsored Northern domination of Nigeria’s political and military space can nev­er allow restructuring which will not favour the North.

“Though MASSOB is not against the agita­tors of restructuring or implementation of true federalism, we believe that such adventures will never be actualised because there is no trust and confidence among the regional ethnic lead­ers.

“The corrupt and para­sitic political, religious and traditional leaders of Hausa/Fulani will always frustrate the move for political balance of Nige­ria federalism”.

MASSOB insisted on its quest for the restora­tion of Biafra republic, saying that nothing will make it drop the project which, according to the statement, is on the verge of realisation.