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Maitama Sule Tasks PMB On Leadership

Elder statesman and Danmasanin Kano, Maitama Sule, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to emulate the founding fathers of Nigerian politics if he must move the country forward.

Mr Sule was speaking in Kaduna after being conferred with the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters by the Nigerian Defence Academy.

He decried insecurity, corruption and immorality, blaming it on lack of leadership and called on Nigerians to cooperate with the President to clean the rot.

Dr Sule said: “People take cues from the leaders and if the leaders are bad, the country would remain the same”.

He said his prayers had remained a demand that God would grant Nigeria, leaders who would not loot the country’s treasury.

“I keep praying that we may have good leaders. Leaders not rulers. May God grant that we may have rulers who have the fear of God.

“Leaders will accept in public what they have accepted in secret. Leaders will not steal. Leaders are not corrupt, leaders will look at the common men with the eyes of compatriot not with the eyes of privilege few, leaders who know they will one day, stand before God’s account not those who will want to perpetuate their stay in office,” he said.