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Judges’ Trial: Ebonyi NBA Calls For Due Process In Prosecution

The Abakaliki branch of the Nigeria Bar Association, NBA,  on Monday called for due process in the ongoing trial of some judges arrested by the Department for State Security (DSS) for alleged corruption.

Chairman of the Association in Abakaliki, Mr. Victor Anyanwu said due process should be followed to prevent infringement of the judges’ rights.

“We are in support of the fight against corruption but this must be done following due process as there was no way the learned judges would run away from being prosecuted.

The NBA Chairman remarked that it was therefore wrong for the houses to be attacked at night in the name of arrest as they should be respected for being judges.

“Several people have been accused of committing several crimes in the country but still operate freely and they have not run from being prosecuted.

He noted that the trial of the judges for corruption would re-enforce the confidence the public has in the judiciary.

Barr Anyanwu noted that when such trials are held against the judges, the public would believe that no one is above the law in the country.

“The people would know that judges who try others can also be tried as it was only the country’s president, his vice, governors and their Deputies that are covered by immunity when they are in office.

He noted that these categories of persons will be tried when accused for crimes on leaving office as prosecuting the judges would also warn other judges, lawyers among others to be careful.

He noted that the branch has been using several medium to educate its members to shun corrupt practices due to its negative consequences and avoid bringing embarrassment disgrace upon themselves.

“Corruption is a malaise that has brought negative consequences upon the country and the current events have brought untold embarrassment to the judiciary.