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Jonathan Should Be Tried According To The Law – Kalu

A former governor of Abia State, Chief Uzor Kalu said immediate past president of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan should be tried according to the law if he had committed any offence, adding that it is only in Nigeria where people claim to be above the law.

He said, “If fingers are pointing at Jonathan, nobody is above the law. It is just in Nigeria that presidents are made to look as if they are above the law.”

Kalu, while speaking in an interview with newsmen on Sunday, maintained that nobody should be seen as a sacred cow in the battle against graft.

The former governor, while revealing that President Jonathan is his personal friend, maintained that if he has committed any offence, he should face the law.

He added, “There should be no need for any hide and seek game, they should bring him and ask him questions.

“It is the right thing to do because the society should be strengthened by the rule of law.”