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Igbos In Diaspora To Converge For Annual Convention

The Apex Igbo organisation in the diaspora, The World Igbo Congress (WIC), has concluded plans to hold its annual convention for 2015, with the theme, “K’anyi jikota maka odimma na oganiru ndi Igbo” (let us work together for the good and progress of the Igbos).

A statement made available to newsmen in Abuja, from its headquarter in Denton Texas, by the media director of WIC, Acho Orabuchi, stated that the convention is scheduled to hold from September 3 to 6 2015, in Michigan, USA.

The convention which is a forum for intellectual harvest and cultural renaissance of the Igbos will parade a number of eggheads and colloquium presenters from South East and South-South Zones, who will reflect on the achievements, failures and ways to improve the situation of the Igbos. It will be a suitable platform for constructive dialogue and a defining moment for WIC to reposition the Igbos to benefit from the current political dispensation in Nigeria.

The congress also aims to use the convention to build better relationships with their sister zone, the South-South and to forge strategic political alliance to protect the region from further loss of equity in federal power assets.

Other issues that will be deliberated on at the convention include assessment of the progress being made in the proposed Regional Medical Centre of Excellence (RMCE) for Igbo land, the need for public officeholders of Igbo extraction to be more accountable and courageously defend the cause and interest of the Igboman.

The convention will also feature the Women and Family Affairs Committee (WFAC), new generation projects and other components of the Igbo project aimed at preserving the Igbo heritage.