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I Pity Lai Mohammed, Says PMB

President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed pity for the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, who has to painstakingly explain all government’s policies to Nigerians.

Speaking on Sunday in Abuja, the President said he and his Ministers were working round the clock to deliver promises he made during the electioneering campaign.

Buhari said, “One of the men I pity is Lai Mohammed. Every day he is on TV explaining our performance or lack of it.

“The ministers sit down day and night to work. Some of them have literarily lost weight because they were sleeping less and eating less (while working on the budget). They were working on every kobo to be spent.

“We recently just found out that we are poor because we don’t have anything to fall back to. This is the condition we found ourselves and this change mantra had to go through hell up till yesterday.

“And for you to talk to whoever came to visit us throughout that year, I wonder how each of your diaries would be, because people were expecting this change mantra in their own way.

“How do you define change? Luckily our party identified three major items, security, economy and corruption.”