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Fulani Invasion: Ortom Weeps Openly, Says Benue State Is Under Siege

Benue State governor, Samuel Ortom has revealed that death toll in last Friday night’s attack on Tarfi village, Binnev Ward in Buruku Local Government area of the state by suspected herdsmen had risen to over 60.

They were allegedly killed by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

The governor, who wept openly lamented that the state was under siege.

According to him, his government was helpless and could not contain the activities of the herdsmen, who he said were killing, maiming and raping women in Benue villages.

Ortom said, “after committing the atrocities, they sacked the locals from their abode after which they occupied the ‘captured territory’.”

Ortom said he had continually restrained the people from carrying out reprisal attacks on the marauders, but cautioned that the people might resort to self help if security agencies could not prevent the massacre of the innocent farmers.

He said, “It is a bad situation, everyday you hear how my people are being killed, raped and maimed by these mercenaries. They do not have respect for the rule of law or security personnel. The situation has gotten to a point where if we contain the crisis in one community, they move quickly to another to massacre the people just like the Buruku case where over 60 innocent persons have been killed.

“These are wicked mercenaries under the guise of herdsmen attacking us and taking over our farmland. I have said it several times that we do not have land for grazing in the state, let them move out of the state if they cannot respect the rule of law and the sanctity of human lives.

“There is a limit to which I can appeal to my people to restrain themselves from reprisal attacks, if all of them are killed then I might be the next target. I will have to represent the matter to the President because we are helpless and if nothing urgent is done we might have a major crisis in our hands.”

The Governor, who refuted the allegations that the crisis was sparked by rustlers in the affected communities said, “those behind cow rustling are the herdsmen themselves because they are the only ones that speak the language that cows understand. For instance, even at my village in Gums they claimed that my people rustled their cows and they went ahead to kill 50 of my people and took over the land. This is genocide. Enough of these killings.”