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ECA Warns Igbo Leaders To Stop Using Agitation To Look For Appointment

The Eastern Consultative Assembly, ECA, has warned that any attempt by the political class, to use the agitation for secession by Igbo youths to garner political appointment for themselves would backfire.

The group was reacting to the recent meeting between lgbo leaders and Acting President, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, at the Aso Villa, Abuja.

The National Secretary of ECA, Evangelist Elliot Ugochukwu-Uko, in a statement in Enugu, yesterday, warned that anything less than restructuring the country along the six geographical zones to ensure true fiscal federalism would not work.

The statement read in full: ‎ “The quite shocking assertion by the political adviser to the acting president Senator Babafemi Ojodu that what ohanaeze and other lgbo leaders talked about at the meeting with the acting president at the villa last week, were merely centered on marginalization of the South East in appointments and police check points on the roads, has sent shock waves all over the firmament. Could it be true that the deliberations were centered on political appointments and check points.

“That would be unbelievable, that would also be utter falsehood. The agitation that has shaken the world, cost hundreds of lives in Aba, Nkpor, Onitsha and all over the east is certainly not about mere political appointments for the elite class. The ongoing revolution that paralysed the eastern region on 30th May and marked in 78 countries around the world is certainly not about political appointments into Buhari’s government. The bitterness and grief in the land, that has led millions of our people to shout “Biafra or death”, is definitely not about appointments and check points.

“The total compliance to the IPOB May 30th stay at home order, (which inspired the 90 day quit notice) absolutely has nothing to do with appointments and check points.

“So, who is lying here? Ojodu or the Igbo leaders? God Almighty, will not forgive those behind this very dangerous and wicked lie. The future of the largest black nation on earth is tottering at the edge of the precipice, 195 million people are already tensed up, praying fervently to avert crises, loss of faith in the unity of the country, structural defects that make it impossible for 70% of the 36 states to pay staff salaries, unitary feeding bottle dependence on monthly free money called federal allocations, that has only grown indolence and corruption, frightening unemployment figures as a direct result of the unworkable unitary structure and needless tension over struggle for central power, large army of citizens who want out like yesterday, and some mindless self-centered fellows are talking about appointments and check points. Unbelievable.

“Four failed attempts to consensually agree on how to live together (from Aburi to the last confab) has finally brought us to the unfortunate junction where more than a quarter of the population desperately want to pull out of Nigeria, wrong strategy in handling the agitation to secede has only deepened the hatred and our leaders want to pretend they don’t know what the issues are. God help us.

“The tragedy of this dangerous pretense, is the disturbing silence of discerning compatriots. The shameless effrontery of the ruthless political class and the hypocrisy of the international community. As those fiercely opposed to the peaceful restructuring of Nigeria, seem to be having their way, we must all note, that, it would be shameful for us to cry to the world to send us peace keeping force, when the wind starts to blow.

“Finally, just for the record, for the sake of the irritating antics of incurable pretenders: the window to salvage Nigeria, remains the immediate convening of a bipartisan, multi-regional committee of respected patriots, to quickly begin the process of peacefully restructuring Nigeria, along the lines of regional autonomy based on fiscal federalism, in order to enthrone justice and equity thereby giving everyone a sense of belonging.

“The attempt by the political class, to use the agitation for secession to garner political appointment for themselves, while the core issues remain unaddressed, will certainly backfire. We have long passed that stage.” ‎