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Chibok Girls: Children’s Parliament Yet To Commend Effort Of PMB

Representative of Nigerian Children’s Parliament, Aisha Ibrahim said Nigerian children are yet to commend the efforts of the Muhammadu Buhari administration until resolutions for better protection of children were implemented and the Chibok girls returned.

Aisha stated this at the launch on Tuesday of the year of action to end violence against children.

She said,” Leadership is more about results rather than attributes before Nigerian children will applaud the effort of the government, it will not be until our resolutions are implemented and until the Chibok girls are found and brought home. We ask for no more and we deserve no less.”

“President Buhari pledged his administration was “ready to show commitment and prepared to mobilise Nigerians to end violence against children, and show them love and care.”

The children parliament also urged the Government to post security to all schools to prevent recurrence of the Chibok incident.

“It has been over 500 days since the kidnap of the Chibok girls, yet this leaves a bitter memory in the heart of Nigerians today,” said Ibrahim.

“It also wants increased access to child-friendly services, including a tariff-free hotline that children can call in emergencies, massive awareness about punishment for violence against children.

The parliament said parents fall into category of perpetrators because the lack of love and care at home was “just another form of emotional violence.” she said.