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Buhari May Extend 10-Day Trip, To Also Treat ‘Terrible Cough’

President Muhammadu Buhari might extend his 10-day trip to London, where he had gone to treat an ear infection.

According to Sahara Reporters, Monday night, Buhari needs to undergo treatment for “a terrible cough that has persisted longer than the ear infection.”

No reaction from the presidency on the latest report yet.

Buhari’s media adviser, Femi Adesina had downplayed his principal’s trip.

He said, “The buzz going round the town is that the President is ill, but ‘ill’ will be a misnomer, it should not be the right word to use.

“The President is going for a 10-day rest and during that period he will see specialists who will look at his ear because he has been treating that ear locally for some time.

“Nigerian physicians have looked at it and now they have said ‘you are going to UK, when you get there, let specialists look at the ear.’

“They have treated it locally so it is not a question of whether the President is ill. If he is ill, it presupposes that there are certain things that he cannot do.

“But till the very last minute that he is travelling, the President performed the duties and functions of his office as the President. So illness is not the issue.”