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AIG Of Calabar Police Command Warns Policemen Against Careless Handling Of Rifles

The Assistant Inspector General of Police, (AIG) Zone 6 Command, Calabar, Abubakar Marafa, has warned policemen against careless handling of rifles.

Marafa issued the warning while speaking in Uyo on his visit to the state Police command, expressing anger over cases of misuse of firearms by policemen on duty.

He declared that police authority would henceforth not tolerate officers who carelessly handled their rifles by firing at innocent citizens or by permitting it to be taken away by hoodlums.

“As a policeman, you are not supposed to use your rifles anyhow except when your life is being threatened. We also know that some policemen give up their rifles when they are drunk, while others allow the rifles to be taken away from them through careless handling.

“The gun is your life; you have to resist every attempt against people who want to take it away from you. Even though you lose it, there must be evidence that you, at least, had put up a hard fight against it being taken away from you.

“We have received series of reports against various human rights violations by policemen. I want you to keep up the spirit of maintaining peace and security in the state because Akwa Ibom is one of the states with low crime rate,” he said.

The AIG also warned police officers against mounting roadblocks, stating that mounting roadblocks in any guise violated fundamental human rights.

“Roadblock has been banned; respect the fundamental human rights of Nigerians. We’ve received series of reports about this. Respect the right of Nigerians.

“This will trigger cooperation between the police and the society,” Marafa added.