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18 Killed In Mangu, Plateau State

The management committee chairman of Mangu council area of Plateau State Hon. Titus Bise, has confirmed the killing of 18 people by gunmen numbering over 100 who had on Tuesday night invaded Kadunung village of Mangu.

It was alleged that the gunmen suspected to be Berom youths also set houses ablaze.

“After the attack, I was part of the rescue team that evacuated the victims and so far we have recovered 11 bodies of people burnt in their houses.

“Apart from the 11 bodies we picked from various places, there is a compound we saw 7 people burnt in their rooms. That makes 18 deaths so far, we are suspecting there are bodies in the bushes, some youths are still searching and more bodies might be recovered. But for now, we have dead bodies which have been buried already.

“The attack has created serious humanitarian problems for government, we are talking of 5,000 residents of the village displaced.

“Though members of the communities are alleging that the gunmen are their Berom neighbours, but that will be subject to confirmation after full investigation, I’m not in the position to confirm that now.”

The federal troops in charge of Plateau state known as ‘operation safe haven’ has described the attack as reprisal which was allegedly carried out by Berom following an earlier attack on Berom community.

Media officer of operation safe haven, Captain Ikedichi Iweha said, “Its true there was an attack on Kadunung village, houses were burnt, residents were displaced.