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WHO To Support Cape Verde In Managing Zika Virus

Responding to a request from the Ministry of Health in Cape Verde, the UN World Health Organisation (WHO) is sending a team to the country with joint participation of experts from WHO AFRO and the Institute Pasteur, Dakar.

A statement issued by WHO on Monday said that the number of cases of Zika in Cape Verde was declining.

It will be recalled that the ministry had on March 15, announced the first case of microcephaly.

It said that investigations were underway to determine if this case of microcephaly was linked to Cape Verde’s outbreak of Zika virus.

Among the 7,490 suspected cases of Zika virus reported between Oct. 21, 2015, and March 6, 165 involve pregnant women, from which 44 women have already delivered without any complications or abnormalities.

Between Feb. 29 and March 6, 33 suspected cases of Zika were registered in Cape Verde, in Santiago Island and São Filipe municipality.

The statement said that there had been no circulation of the Zika virus on the islands of Sal, São Vicente, Santo Antão, São Nicolau and Brava.

It said that there have been no cases reported on the islands of Boa Vista and Maio since mid-February.

It said that the team included epidemiologists, laboratory experts, maternal health specialists and communication staff who would collaborate with the ministry to evaluate the reported case of microcephaly and gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the outbreak and its impact.

It will also identify potential remaining gaps and to support the country’s response and investigations.

“The team will be building on the work already underway by the health authorities in the country,” WHO said. (PANA/NAN)