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What Unripe Pawpaw Will Do To Your Libido

A new medical report has revealed how unripe pawpaws can heal both external and internal ulcers alongside increase your libido when cooked and eaten.

In a recent interview with News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, a Nigerian nutritionist, Aisha Abdullahi, revealed how unripe pawpaw can be very beneficial to those with ulcer.

According to her, unripe pawpaw contains high percentage of papain, which makes it a wonderful food that helps the digestive system function better. Aside form that, unripe pawpaws have numerous benefits because of its generous contents of vitamins A, B and C, fibre and protein, and others.

She said that when an unripe pawpaw is consumed on an empty stomach, it helps protein to digest quite fast, reduces inflammation, improves immune system and also fight bacteria and viruses. She also noted that unripe pawpaw was an anti-inflammatory supplement which helps in reducing inflammation, including osteoarthritis and asthma, among others.

“It also reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes and also binds toxins that cause cancer in the colon. Consuming the fruit also helps with digestive problems such as bleeding piles, chronic diarrheoa as well as constipation. Pawpaw consumed in juice form helps reduce inflammation in the lungs especially to those who smoke and those that are exposed to secondhand smoke.

“It is also a remedy for cough, worms, bladder problems, jaundice, gastric fermentation and gastritis. The unripe pawpaw in juice form also helps regulate the menstrual cycle especially for those with irregular menstrual cycle,’’ she stated.

Abdullahi went further to reveal that the consumption of boiled unripe pawpaw fruit increases libido in men. According to her, pawpaw leaves from way back, was the things to use in curing epilepsy, stomach ache and constipation. Pawpaw has been scientifically proven as a cure for many chronic diseases such as pile, among others.

The nutritionist also stated that pawpaw leaves helps in the treatment of convulsion, malaria, diabetes, stomach ulcer and piles. Abdullahi enjoined patients suffering from conditions such as diabetes, stomach ulcer as well as gastric ulcer to include pawpaw in their daily foods. She however cautioned women to desist from the consumption of unripe pawpaw juice as it may may cause loss of pregnancy.