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Strange Illness Strikes Kwara Community, Kills Over 70

A strange ailment has reportedly killed over 70 persons in Oro-Ago community, in the Ifelodun Local Government Area of Kwara State.

Leaders and members of the community said no fewer than 70 persons have died of the strange ailment.

According to report, the illness is predominant among the Fulani settlers called the Bororos in the community.

It is reported that a large number of the Bororos had died since the outbreak of the illness on July 23, 2017.

According to the newspaper, those affected by the illness would first vomit blood and some black substances.

The President, Oro – Ago Development Union, Olaniyi Olushosa said they had reported the matter to the state Ministry of Health in Ilorin, through a doctor that he identified simply as Dr. Lawal.

He said, “It is worrisome that the Oro-Ago General Hospital had been abandoned and left dilapidated. No health workers, nothing; right no, our community lacks health centres.”

He called on the Kwara State Government as well as other relevant bodies, to visit the community and stop the harvest of death.

He said, “Death toll has reached about 70 in two weeks. Those affected are mostly the Fulani people. The matter has been reported to the Ministry of Health.”

A monarch in the area, Oba Dada also confirmed the outbreak of the strange illness.

He said he sent Olushosa to report the sad development to the Ministry of Health in Ilorin.

He said, “It is true that a strange illness has hit some members of Oro – Ago.

“The affected people vomited blood and some black substances. That is the report that I got. I was also told that many people have died, that was why I sent the ODU president to the ministry of health.”