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El-Rufai Moves Against Hindrances To Quality Healthcare For All

Kaduna State government has expressed its determination to remove hindrances to accessing healthcare by all residents in the state.

Dr. Paul Manya Dogo, Commissioner of Health and Human Services who made this known at the end of the State Executive Council, said a scheme to guarantee universal access to basic healthcare would be introduce in the state.

The state government is already providing free health services for pregnant women, children under five years and the elderly.

It was learnt that the proposed scheme is designed to widen the net of coverage, and ensure that all residents of the state, including the poor and vulnerable, have access to healthcare without incurring out-of-pocket expenditure.

To achieve this, the State government approved the establishment of a Contributory Health Scheme that will provide access to quality healthcare packages to all residents of the state.

The scheme, according to Dr. Dogo, will remove the financial barriers to healthcare that often exclude the poor and vulnerable who cannot afford the out-of-pocket expenditure hospital treatment currently requires.

The Commissioner added that a bill setting out the legal framework for this programme will be sent to the State House of Assembly, as directed by the State Executive Council.

“The provision in the draft bill for the establishment of the Kaduna State contributory health scheme is such that out-of-pocket expenditure is completely removed, so there will be no financial impediment to healthcare. Basic healthcare package will be provided to all citizens of Kaduna state following very little contributions from residents,” he said.

According to him, the scheme will start operating once the State Assembly passes the Bill into law.