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7 Must-Do Things To Avoid Falling Sick

There’s that one person amongst our friends, family and acquaintances that almost never falls ill and always manages to be in good health even when every other person around them has one ailment or the other. There’s no need to be jealous of such a person as you can also live in good health.

Read through and learn the 7 Things that can help you gain immunity against common ailments.

Work On Your Mental Strength
Mind is stronger than matter and a good way to stay and live in good health is to strengthen your mental resolve. Telling yourself that you won’t get sick irrespective of how people tell you how they get sick at a particular time can go a long way in actually making you healthy.

Control How Stressed You Get
Stress weakens the immune system in more ways than one. It is however almost impossible to avoid getting stressed in the fast-paced world of today but still quite possible to manage it. A good way of managing stress is to try and control the things that trigger you to become stressed. More so, meditation and visualizations, including activities such as dancing and singing can help to significantly reduce stress which will have an overall effect on your health.

Take Vitamin C

There has been a lot of contradictions when it comes to the effect of vitamin C on good health but one thing that still holds true is the fact that it has an overall effect on individual immune system. Some reports say that taking as much as 2,000 units of vitamin C up to four times a day is enough to boost the immune system to fight against any untoward infection that can make you sick. This should be enough to stop catarrh and cough.

Understand Your Body
The best way to nip an illness in the bud is to have a good understanding of how your body system works. If you see signs that you’re about to breakdown, take things slow and avoid over-working yourself. Rest and get more sleep at that point and chances are you’d be better in a day or two. Trying to go through things with an ‘I’ll fight through it’ mentality will most likely escalate an already bad situation. Take some time off and you’d be glad you did.

Sleep Well

According to a report published in the British medical journal, sleeping for eight hours daily can do a lot to boost the immune system. Scientifically, people that sleep between 5 to 6 hours every night have a 30 percent risk of catching a cold if they become exposed to a virus. On the other hand, people that get up to 8 hours sleep only have a 17 percent risk. By sleeping more, you’d most likely fall sick less.

Good Hygiene
Maintaining good hygiene can go a long way in determining how healthy you’d be. Good hand washing practice is essential as door handle, elevator buttons and railings in public and office places have been known to have a higher pathogenic bacteria load than toilets. Hand sanitizers can help to keep you healthy if you employ their use regularly. Furthermore, using your knuckles to scratch an itch and sneezing in tissue papers as opposed to handkerchiefs can help a great deal.
You may also want to consider holding your breath for 10 seconds when you pass by someone who is sneezing. This can help to reduce the chance of you inhaling pathogenic bacteria and viruses.


Exercising regularly is a good tonic for the immune system. According to a study published in the Journal of Sport and Health Science, exercises strengthen the immune system and helps to reduce the chance of catching upper respiratory infections. Exercising by walking, strolling or jogging for an hour a day three times a week,can do a lot to stop you from falling sick.