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287 Women Operated Of VVF Within A Year In Sokoto

Sokoto State commissioner for Health, Dr. Balarabe Kakale Shuni, yesterday said that no fewer than 287 women have been treated of Vesico Vaginal Fistula (VVF) within the last one year.

The Commissioner also stated that the state government has concluded plans to foot the marriage bills of VVF treated persons as a way of discouraging any form of stigmatization hitherto labelled against them, adding that age is not a determinant for VVF.

According to him, despite the recent reduction in VVF cases in the state, there is still the need to sustain the tempo in sensitizing people on the remote and immediate causes of VVF.

The basic causes of VVF, according to Dr Shuni, include prolonged obstructed labour as well as other traditional practices that jeopardize the life of the expectant mother.

He however, noted that cases of VVF are more prevalent in the rural areas compared with urban centers.

Dr. Kakale further insisted that Sokoto state now has but two percent of HIV/AIDS prevalence compared to those days when it used to be six percent or more.

The Commissioner, while stressing that guinea worm is now history in the state, noted that Turbaclosis is never a death certificate, hence it is treatable.

He added however that the best way to stay in good health starts with getting the right information,hence, it’s dissemination serves as one of the pillars of attaining good health.