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Rwandan Court Dismisses Presidential Term Limit Case As Baseless

Rwanda’s Supreme Court on Thursday dismissed an application aimed at preventing that country’s president from extending his term in office beyond two.

The court said that the case brought by the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda was baseless.

The party wanted to prevent parliament from allowing a change to article 101 of the constitution, which states that the president is elected for a term of seven years, renewable only once.

“Under no circumstances shall a person hold the Office of the President of the Republic of Rwanda for more than two terms,’’ the article said.

According to Chief Justice Sam Rugege’s ruling at the court in Kigali, the court finds that article 193 of the Rwandan Constitution allows article 101 to be changed if it’s done by citizens through a referendum.

Rugege said the court would not deprive Rwandan citizens of their rights.

Party President Frank Habineza told newsmen after the ruling that they expected a win but the court disappointed them.

Habineza said the party would petition President Paul Kagame and ask him not to submit his candidature.

Report says Kagame is seeking to extend his 15 years in power if the constitution is amended when he has been in power since 2000. (dpa/NAN)