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Now Is The Time To Develop KungFu In Nigeria – Ariyomo

The President of Nigeria’s KungFu Federation, Tunji Ariyomo, is optimistic that the achievements of Henry Hendrix and Patrick Inyang at the 2015 Worldwide Wushu KungFu Taijiquan International Competition in China can aid in the development of the sport in the country.

With four (4) gold and two (2) bronze medals, it became the first time in history that an African would achieve such a record. Henry Hendrix got three gold medals – two for individual features and one for team event, while Patrick Inyang got a gold medal in the team category and two bronze medals in the individual category.

Henry Hendrix of Nigeria defeated the World champion Guotao Zang of China in the finals of their weight category to win the gold medal in the individual competition while Henry combined well with Otu Patrick Inyang to win the gold medal in the team Wushu demonstration event.

Ariyomo, a guest of Channels Sports this Morning confirmed that the federation is working towards giving the sport some following in Nigeria.

“The performance of Hendrix and Patrick at the World Championship in China is an indication that KungFu can bring glory to Nigeria. We are pleased we have the talents, so, we need to work towards securing sponsorship and partnerships that will aid in the development of the sport,” he said.

The fast rising fighter, Hendrix, has also won a gold medal at the International Wushu Kungfu Championship that took place in Shanghai, China. The Nigerian defied all odds to defeat yet another Chinese champion, Bount Thong.

KungFu fans have described the Edo State born fighter as one who came from the gods, but responding, he said Nigerians are unique people who can adapt and excel at any country or planet.

“When I walk around the streets, the Chinese people tell themselves that I’m not human, they believe I am a spiritual being who must have taken the form of a human.”

Hendrix has urged sport administrators in Nigeria to invest on individual sports, adding that they will bring more glory to the nation than football.

He has been invited to compete at the 13th International Cup Brazil Of Kung Fu Championship scheduled to hold from November 21-22, 2015.