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Californians Think Obamacare Worked Out Quite Well

More than 66 per cent of Californians who lacked health insurance before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act are now insured, according to a recent analysis. According to the LA Times, a significant number of California residents are now able to access the healthcare they need.

The survey examined a group of 2,001 California adults who were uninsured before the Affordable Care Act expanded coverage for multiple healthcare systems in 2014. An early version of the survey showed that 58 per cent of previously uncovered Californians had signed up for coverage after the first open enrollment period.

The breakdown went as follows – 34 per cent of newly insured Californians enrolled in the state’s low-income program, Medi-Cal, 14 per cent were covered by their employers, 12 per cent enrolled with Covered California, and 8 per cent got their health insurance from other sources. Currently, there are 32 per cent of Californians living without health insurance, which is down from last year’s level of 42 per cent.

44 per cent of Californians reported that they refused to sign up for health insurance as a result of high costs. 40 per cent of uninsured residents have never been covered in their life.

The largest section of uninsured Americans are those who came into the country illegally. As the law currently stands, illegal immigrants are prohibited from enrolling under the ACA.

The portion of the population with new coverage under the ACA is less likely to feel that they are unable to afford healthcare costs. A large segment of the population remains uninsured, and officials are working tirelessly towards the goal of making healthcare affordable for everyone.