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More Signs Of P-Square Breaking Up

There have been a number of thinly-veiled speculations of a possible P-Square break up over the last 15-18 months. There’s one more proof to this effect.

In the wake of their release of the Double Trouble album in 2014, the media was awash with talks of their split. Before long, issues surrounding their split died down.

Multiple sources cited family differences from marriage and whatnot as likely causes, as the brothers no longer share the close-knit bond they used to, having gotten into fresh unions with different women.

These and more were alleged but the pair came out publicly to dismiss the rumours, as well as drop the album in September, 2014.

It was greeted with critical acclaim and rave reviews.

Fast forward some 10 months and there are sprinklings of another crack in their relationship.

Encomium Weekly reports a highly likely separation of the brothers, with each man pursuing solo projects.

In this light, Peter is said to be faced with more of dance and choreography given his strengths in that.

Paul is rumoured to stick with the music seeing as his forte lies there.

It is left to be seen what becomes of the duo as Peter’s dancing has already kick started with a reality show set for August, 2015.

Peter Okoye’s Dance with Peter is billed to hold at the Shehu Musa Yar’adua Centre in Abuja, Nigeria Encomium says. Other legs of the audition will hold in Accra, Benin City and Port Harcourt.