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Genevieve Nnaji Criticized For Her Stance On France Terror Attack While Ignoring #BenueMassacre

Genevieve Nnaji gets fried by Nigerians after she made a public post regarding the Nice attack.

Her well intended caption #PrayForNice has made her sympathy seem biased to say the least.

Earlier this week, there was an attack in her own country ie the Benue State killings  which claimed about eighty-one lives.

Genevieve Nnaji didn’t say a word about it.

Today, she’s all about quenching the fire in Nice when her own backyard is still burning.


The comments are just hilarious. 

chris_obi_goth – “I just hope they use this voice when something happens here, its makes a lot of impact coming from them.”

“Not saying they can’t be compassionate about foreign plights, but how can you claim to genuinely care for them when you can’t show care for your surroundings.”

“I love you and i hope you use you voice for us too. ✌”

iam_akp – “When something happens in France you post. But when thousands are killed in Nigeria you don’t post.”

“What a Nigerian you are.”

ikhinenomon – “Stai bene? Meaning are you alright? Half of what is happening in your country, has not happened in France.”

“And you are here, posting rubbish. pray for your country first. Afulefu.”

encorebaba1 – “How many French people even said a thing about d current black lives matter movement being going on past couple of months.”

“Now they expect we blacks to put up#prayforfrance….infact the thunder that faaaya the French will be like doctors prescription.

“2 in d morning, 2 at nights, mtcheeeeeeew NONSENSE!!!!!!!”

encorebaba1 – “Genevieve is today I now knw u don’t have sense…. 🎶🎶Ur stupidity is waaaaaaay to high, we need to cuuuuuut it✂✂✂🎶🎶”

itslume – “Why are Nigerians always so quick showing solidarity and so sensitive to things happening outside than in their own country.”

ryderz2010 – “See genevieve see wahala ooh…. omg.. so one cannot even post what he or she likes anymore abi which kind problem be this on somebody else page…. may God have mercy.”

obee22 – “Pray4urcountry Bitch!!! Yu ave enuf reasons to pray for ur country, leave NICE out of diz 4 nw. Benue nko, FulaniHerdsmen nko?”