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Why D’Banj, Don Jazzy Still Single?

At this point in time, it has become necessary to ask the question of why celebrated music personalities, D’Banj, and Don Jazzy, are still single and childless.

In the world we live in nowadays, many people are single parents and many more are married parents. In a nutshell, it’s very difficult nowadays to see people who have come of age, especially those of D’Banj’s and Jazzy’s affluent status, who are single and childless at the same time.

In Nigeria particularly, of which the duo are proud indigenes, marriage, and children (which are even held in more esteem than money) come with the success these two have attained. And all around them, their colleagues and family members who are not as successful as them are getting married and having children.

D’Banj’s younger brother, Kayswitch, whom is also a music artist like him, already has a child. Wande Coal, the popular singer that found fame and fortune courtesy of the duo in question, has at least one child. Tiwa Savage, who is signed to Jazzy’s Mavin Records, is married with a child.

Likewise Dr SID who’s also signed to Mavin. Di’Ja, the young female artist who also owes her success to Jazzy, and is with Mavin as well, is alleged to have a child. Some of their fellow celebrities even have children from extramarital affairs.

A recent example being Maje Ayida who is married to Toke Makinwa and still got involved in an extramarital affair that’s produced a child. Before Tunji Balogun, Tiwa Savage’s husband, made a legal lady of her, he already had two children from another lady.

Need we even mention 2face who had several children from three women before he finally married one of them to earn back some of the respect he lost thereby.

The list goes on and on. Pasuma Wonder, popularly referred to as Baba Wasilat, but is not married and has no plans to get married soon but has children and doesn’t hide it.

How about Waje whom is yet to meet Mr Right, but already has a daughter? Or Genevieve who is yet to marry but has a daughter as well? Simply put, virtually every successful entertainer in Nigeria is married with a child or children or single with a child or children.

So why are D’Banj and Jazzy still single and childless after a decade of rolling in millions of naira? That’s the big question that’s got tongues wagging now, because there are many innuendoes arising from the two superstars’ continued ‘sort of celibacy.’ Oh yes, celibacy, because it has now become apparent with time that the two seem to have a sort of aversion for the opposite sex.

Though over time, D’Banj has been linked with a fair number of ladies, Genevieve, Adama Indimi, Bonang Matheba, and Jennifer Obayuwana included, it’s safe to say that his so-called romantic affairs, as proven by that of the one with Genevieve, are just mere publicity stunts to make it seem as if he’s actually into women when he really can’t be said to be, veritable proof of which would have been that he got one of them pregnant. Mind you, we’re not saying he’s into men, but he cannot really lay full claim into being into women like many other celebrities.

And while D’Banj keeps trying to ‘hoodwink’ us into thinking that he’s dating, Jazzy doesn’t even bother. Though he’s been linked with Tonto Dike in the past, it didn’t even hold any water back then.

Considering how ladies are dying to have the two of them, and will even be ready to take care of them just to have them, the fact that they both cannot be solidly linked to at least one lady has definitely become worrisome and a cause for concern.

They make noise about wanting to get married, but that’s just what it is, noise, because with so many willing single women out there, should it be that difficult for them to get hitched? After all, no one has mandated that they must marry from a particular tribe, religion or country.

What’s really odd is that neither of them has a wife or a child. The normal scenario would have been that one of them should have had at least a child by now, and that’s not the case publicly, unless they are keeping it a secret. Since people poorer than them without a kobo in the bank have several wives, concubines, legal and illegal children, what is their excuse?